Prestige Auto Tech has the latest technology and tools for your vehicles oil change plus we have a team of experts ready to assist you with the most complete knowledge to make the right decision for your car.We are always aware of taking care of the environment, that’s why we use storage tanks to collect old used oil from vehicles and we participate in recycle programs that dispose used oil in environmentally friendly ways.

oil change

Oil Change includes:

  • Motor Oil is removed and replaced with a new  premium synthetic Oil.
  • Oil filter is removed and replaced with a new Original oil filter.
  • Eco-Friendly oil change, including elimination/recycling of oil and oil filters.
  • Service interval indicator or condition based service is reset according to factory specifications.
  • Multi-Point  check including brakes , power steering and air conditioning belts , air filter , and tires to wear and alignment.
  • Coolant levels are checked; when refilled, concentration of fluids is checked.
  • Fluids level and antifreeze additive in windshield washer fluid reservoir are checked and   fluid is topped off, if needed.
  • Check brake fluid level and the corresponding interval indicator.
  • Free Hand Car Wash