BMW Repairs

Are BMW Repairs Expensive?

BMW Repairs – Shopping for a used or brand new BMW? Perhaps you’d want to hold off pulling that trigger because it’s prudent that you know a bit more about luxury German car ownership before even thinking about buying one. While BMW is widely venerated for their consistently excellent products, their introductory price definitely reflects in their after-purchase cost too.

Depending on what kind of BMW that you’re looking for, the maintenance and repairs cost can vary wildly. However, it’s without hesitation that a problem arising within your pricey German luxury cruiser is going to demand more out of your wallet than a Japanese sedan. Enough for the marque to land a spot in multiple lists ranking manufacturers with the costliest upkeep.

BMW Repairs & Maintenance

Of course, while it all depends on the model and age, you can generally expect a typical annual minor service, such as an oil and filter change to range from $200 to $400. For a major service with less frequency which typically includes transmission work, that can bump the cost up to $600.

One thing to note is that many of the wear and tear parts do change based on what model of BMW you’ve got. You’re going to need more specific, more expensive fully synthetic oil for your performance M car, while your massive brake discs and beefier brake calipers also demand much bigger and thus pricier brake pads. Tires are also part of the discussion, and none of the above are things you’d want to skimp on if you intend to keep your BMW driving like a proper one.

BMW Repairs & Parts

That’s not the main thing about a BMW vehicle that’s eye-watering to common folks though. BMW repairs and major jobs are what sets them apart. With the Germans always seeking to be at the forefront of automotive technology, they have less time to test out new gadgets and are also forced to undertake more risks to stay competitive. This means that many of your BMW parts are complex to manufacture, which reflects in their individual pricing.

Thus, typical BMW repairs are pricier than normal, but again, it changes with regards to what problem you’re facing. A BMW 3-series starter replacement, for instance, can cost upwards of $900, which is quite expensive owing to the laborious procedures involved for quality BMW repairs. And that’s before we get into the flagship models, such as the M-division products, the 7-series and the hybrid models.

BMW Repairs

With all that said, the whole notion behind a contemporary luxury vehicle is for there to be as little compromises as possible, and the quality is what you’re paying for in a BMW. Certainly, BMW repairs aren’t exactly affordable, but if you can afford a luxury car serving as an exemplary representation of driving pleasure, it’s only expected that you can afford the running costs associated with it too.

Being a premium product, they’d also need to confront stringent quality control and tough standard of procedure to preserve their brand image as a premier automotive manufacturer. From pre-sales to after-sales, BMW does attempt to provide the best, most effortless customer experience possible.

Therefore, if the answer wasn’t quite overt enough for anyone out there, BMW repairs are indeed expensive and pricey. But all of that isn’t without reasoning and basis, they certainly aren’t charging people whatever they fancy. Being a luxury vehicle with plenty of complicated mechanics and a multitude of electrical components throughout though, it’s only expected that the repairs do cost more.