Air Conditioning Repair

If you have a problem with your current Air Conditioning, AC, Climate Control, or Heating System, phone us to arrange for a full Performance Test and System Diagnosis. From these results we can deduce the scale of problem, it maybe just a small leak or perhaps a little more severe.

air conditioning repair

Air Conditioning Repair – We will recharge the system to give optimum performance, perhaps dying the gasses to detect any future leaks.
But if the system is beyond repair, we will always advise you before carrying out any further work. Once you have given consent for us to proceed, we will make all the necessary repairs and your vehicle will be returned back to you, fully repaired and tested for full peace of mind.

Come to the best independent body shop in Miami. Get rid of any dings, dents and collision damages with the latest technology. Put your car in the hands of the best professionals. Our team is certified and train on the latest techniques to repair & paint your vehicle.
Prestige Auto Tech knows that accidents happen. We promise to help you with the process from start to finish. We will work with both you and your insurance company. Rests assure that your will receive the HIGHEST quality repair possible.

Body Shop Service

Our expert technicians will work diligently with top of the line tools. We will restore your vehicle to its pre – accident condition. We are not lawyers; but we will help repair your car as fast as possible, with the best service, always thinking to SAVE our clients money.Have peace of mind and rest assure that our body shop only uses original parts, factory specs, and the best precision tools to restore your to its previous condition.
Visit us and take advantage of all the services our body shop offers to keep your car like new.

body shop

Fuel System Cleaning service helps to remove dirt from your fuel system, it improves your vehicle’s performance. It helps you save money by improving your gas mileage. A clean fuel system will help your car performances by reducing lost power and improving acceleration. Additionally, a fuel system cleaning reduces toxic emissions to lessen the impact on the environment.

Why Have A Fuel System Cleaning For your Car?

All modern vehicles come with fuel injection systems, so it’s a topic we all need to know something about. How many fuel injectors does your car have? There’s one for each cylinder. So four, six or eight. . The engine control computer makes adjustments to the fuel injector as it monitors the engine and other sensors. Fuel injectors are a pretty sophisticated part. Fuel system cleaning helps by removing the buildup of dirt and particles in your fuel system will help restore and improve your vehicle’s performance and reduce emissions. In addition, a fuel injector service will also help improve your gas mileage and overall drivability.

fuel system cleaning

Prestige Auto Tech has the latest technology and tools for your vehicles oil change plus we have a team of experts ready to assist you with the most complete knowledge to make the right decision for your car.We are always aware of taking care of the environment, that’s why we use storage tanks to collect old used oil from vehicles and we participate in recycle programs that dispose used oil in environmentally friendly ways.

oil change

Oil Change includes:

  • Motor Oil is removed and replaced with a new  premium synthetic Oil.
  • Oil filter is removed and replaced with a new Original oil filter.
  • Eco-Friendly oil change, including elimination/recycling of oil and oil filters.
  • Service interval indicator or condition based service is reset according to factory specifications.
  • Multi-Point  check including brakes , power steering and air conditioning belts , air filter , and tires to wear and alignment.
  • Coolant levels are checked; when refilled, concentration of fluids is checked.
  • Fluids level and antifreeze additive in windshield washer fluid reservoir are checked and   fluid is topped off, if needed.
  • Check brake fluid level and the corresponding interval indicator.
  • Free Hand Car Wash

Wheel Alignment And Balance

Wheel Alignment and balance helps you maintain total control of your vehicle and feel comfortable while driving with a professional alignment for your vehicle. Obtain elegance and satisfaction when you drive your vehicle. Protect your auto’s life and improve performance with a professional alignment, balance and wheel maintenance.

Prevent premature tire ware that may be cause by incorrect alignment. With a professional alignment your tires will last longer and you will save money by not having to replace tires constantly. Improve your steering wheel so you can get on the road and cruise. Plus, reduce your engine’s force which will help you safe money while improving your gas mileage.

wheel alignment

Make sure your are always safe when you’re on the road. The Brake system of your vehicle is the most important part of your car when it comes to safety. Your life and the ones you love depend on your brakes. At Prestige Auto Tech we understand why it is so important for you to be aware of how your brakes work, and to be alert of signs that your brakes need maintenance. No matter what your break system needs Prestige Auto Tech is here to make sure your vehicle is running correctly.

Brake Service

Do not bet on your safety and the safety of your passengers, obtain a full brake service that can guarantee you peace of mind when you need to stop your vehicle. All of the parts we used on your vehicle are original and certified, so you can feel at ease and make sure that your car is receiving the best quality. An auto specialist will always be available for you to answer any doubt or concern you may have.

brake service

diagnostic services

At Prestige Auto Tech we pride ourselves on our vast experience of vehicle diagnostics. Using the very latest equipment we are able to communicate with your vehicles on board computers which in turn allow us to identify and rectify management faults. These faults usually eliminate one of your dash warning lights eg. Engine Management, airbag or ABS fault lights. We are able to work on any make or age of vehicle.

Diagnostic Services

To ensure you receive the best service, we have teamed-up with Bosch, the world’s leading petrol injection system and testing equipment manufacturer, to provide an expert analysis of your diagnostic. Bosch’s wireless engine diagnostics technology combined with our membership of the Bosch Car Service network means we have unlimited access to the latest testing information and devices.

Alternator Replacement – Are you having problems with your electrical system? Do you hear strange sounds like knocking or grinding? Does your battery keep running out of power and you are constantly asking for a jump? Before you buy a new battery, visit us at Prestige Auto Tech for a full inspection of your electrical system including your alternator.

alternator replacement

Alternator Replacement

The alternator main function is to provide electrical charge to the battery and the electrical system. When the alternator starts to fail, your vehicles electrical system will perform erratically, its battery will discharge, and your engine will lose power. A complete electrical system evaluation from Prestige Auto Tech will let you know if your alternator is generating the proper amount of current and voltage.

battery replacement

Battery Replacement

The battery, like any other part of your vehicle, is subject to wear and tear and should be checked regularly. At Prestige Auto Tech we offer you a full inspection of your electrical system including the battery, the starter and alternator.

Prestige Auto Tech offers affordable battery replacement for all types of models. Our service specialists are ready to assist you to find and replace your Battery. All of our service & repair technicians are certified and trained to treat your with the highest quality standards. Our service specialist are certified and have years of experience working on domestic and imported vehicles.

Clutch Services – every time you change gear your clutch is used and its lifespan is shortened. Over time, this will lead to the wearing down of your clutch parts and you will need to replace your clutch. We are a one stop shop for all your clutch repair work and replacement for all makes and models. We have been replacing clutches for a long time now and all of our car mechanics are fully trained and experienced.

clutch services

Clutch Services

Specializing in clutches and gearboxes we offer a range of services from clutch replacement or repairs to vehicle hydraulics systems. So if you’re looking for a competitive priced service that could help you save money, call us now.

engine service

We offer engine service, replacements or repairs with either a brand new engine or just a reconditioned one. We will start the complex task of taking your old engine out and replacing it with the new one. Our engine technicians are certified and have years of experience with domestic and foreign vehicles.

Engine Service

Each car engine service, the mechanics undertake at garages uses the best methods and equipment available. The mechanics are highly trained to diagnose and repair most faults to the highest standard. Whether you need engine replacement or repair we can help you with any service or maintenance.

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair is a very delicate topic and there is only few specialists that really know how to repair a vehicles transmission properly. Forget about the annoying problems that damage transmissions can cause stress to your life, at prestige we have the latest technology and certified professionals that can help you maintain or repair your transmission so you can keep your car healthy.

Transmission Fluid Change is one of the most important maintenance activities for your vehicle; it will help you prevent damages to your transmission. However, this must be done by a professional that can help you put the right amount of fluid in your vehicle, too much transmission can cause problems, to little fluid can also bring you headaches.  Additional to any Transmission Repair, we also offer the latest tools and original parts to perform maintenance on your vehicle’s transmission.