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BMW Servicing – Benefits Of Keeping Your Car Up To Date With Maintenance Service.

BMW Servicing – People would tell you that German luxury cars are desperately unreliable. The truth is that they’re no more unreliable than their peers. They may break down more often than normal cars due to their complexity. Complexity arising from technology necessitated by consumer demand. All to remain competitive among the crowded market segment. People perceive BMW as one of the least reliable contemporary carmakers. They tell you to avoid BMWs at all costs, especially affordable used examples.

However, that would be oversimplifying the situation. As bad a rep as BMW has garnered from the public, it has garnered an ardent fanbase over its legacy. It’s also one of the last few car manufacturers not bought by someone else. And its fans would tell you that once you’re into BMW ownership, it’s addictive.

If you want to enjoy one though, they would also tell you that keeping up with maintenance is essential. Sure, BMW servicing is costlier than most normal cars in most cases. But it saves you more money in the long run and keeps your BMW running like new. Preventative maintenance is also key to a pleasant ownership experience. An M car will demand even more attention from its owner to keep it running in good shape. So, here are the benefits of keeping your BMW up-to-date with its service.

1.  Saves Money

It doesn’t seem logical, but spending the time to pamper your BMW saves you money in the long term. BMW servicing costs aren’t affordable, but importantly it’s reasonable for a luxury car. German servicing doesn’t mean changing your oil and oil filter every 12,000 miles or a year as well. It means keeping up with your air, fuel, dust filters, ATF changes, coolant changes. Along with your differential fluid, tires, brake pads, and discs, and spark plugs. This also means regular underbody inspection for roadworthiness.

You may reckon that the numerous service items pushed to you at every service are to convert sales. But it’s the interval that the engineers optimized between cost and performance. Advancements in fluid refinement have vastly pushed service intervals beyond what was possible. It’s also wise to apply discretion in some cases, there’s no such thing as a lifetime operating fluid.

Regular maintenance can also catch issues before they become catastrophic. By observing the condition of the used fluids you can ascertain the health of your drivetrain. Excessive metal shavings found in your oil filter element? You might be in time to pull your engine out for an overhaul. Rather than being left stranded on the road, pending an engine replacement. Remember, you can schedule things your technician remarks before it complicates. This can be the difference between a brake system repair and a brake failure on the highway.

Additionally, keeping your engine healthy means it remains efficacious. Less friction between moving parts without misfires help with fuel economy and performance. It also translates to cleaner emissions.

2.  Saves Time

You might think that skipping your major service saves you a day in the workshop. That couldn’t be further from the truth. An unscheduled breakdown is all it takes to ruin a weekend holiday. Definitely, omitting your 40,000 miles ATF change wouldn’t be immediately palpable. BMW ATF services aren’t exactly cheap after all. But another 10,000 miles down the road, you may start experiencing jerky shifts that only gets worse. In another 30,000 miles, you may need a new valve body along with a transmission fluid flush.

This means that you might’ve saved on a half-day job. Instead, it has now turned into a multi-day ordeal. Especially applicable is the battery of your BMW. Nowadays, workshops use a battery life indicator to know the battery condition. While your car starts fine, your battery may be failing. You may disregard the workshop’s advice to replace the battery. Then, in a few months, your battery might not maintain and deliver enough charge to start the car anymore. It takes half an hour to replace the battery, but now you need a tow and alternative transport. Some might try to jump-start the car, but that’s punishing for the alternator. Repeatedly running a car on a dead battery might cause your alternator to give up as well.

3.  Preserves Used Value

A well-maintained car with service history to show contributes to its second-hand value. More so a BMW. As it has been reiterated multiple times, BMW servicing is expensive. Therefore a properly cared for BMW will retain its value much better than a neglected example. This is especially apparent in the nearly-classic BMW market, where E46s and E30s that are in good shape actually appreciates in value.

A nice example appeals to a broader audience. You’ll find it much easier to sell a tidy E30 at a higher price than a ratty example. Simply because it has become a car that enthusiasts actively seek out as a passion-driven decision. And most people like to spend time enjoying a properly sorted out car, rather than sorting one out themselves.

4.  Maintains Your Warranty Status

It’s not a secret that most dealers actively seek out a reason to decline warranty work. It’s a lot harder to get something replaced under warranty if you’re not up-to-date with your routine maintenance. They can say it’s a problem caused by negligence to the vehicle, and that you’ll have to afford the repair out-of-pocket.

More than that, if the dealer sees you as a loyal customer, it’s possible to get parts replaced under goodwill. This means that even if it’s not covered under warranty, the dealer can cover the costs. The easiest way to convince them is a comprehensive service history at the same dealer.


Most people put off routine maintenance because it’s costly, time-consuming, and stress-inducing. However, dealers have made it much easier nowadays. They offer things like prepaid service plans (BMW Ultimate Care) and door-to-door services. There’s really no excuse to overlook your BMW servicing schedule. If you can afford a BMW, you should be prepared to pay for the ownership costs too.