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Come Have Coffee On Us! Seriously Free Coffee

Have Coffee On Us – Hi there! As a company we have made a few changes this year, from our brand look to new protocol implementations within the company, therefore, we’ve been working hard to ensure the best customer experience for our Prestige Family. Our goals have pivoted to improve in all aspects from brand presentation, service delivery and customer experience, if you visit Prestige as of lately we’ve been making changes in all of this fronts.

Some of our most noticeable changes have included:

  1. Our website – we have redesigned our website to be more user friendly and mobile friendly. You can check the new website and let us know what you think in our social media channels. We would love to get feedback on our new website and how we can improve it to make it more user friendly and information filled to help you with your repair needs. Check out the image below of our new website New Prestige Website
  2. Our logo – as part of the redesign we wanted to present our brand in a matter that is not only memorable for our customers but that also represents our commitment to high standards when it comes to maintenance and repairs of your vehicle. Below we’ve posted an image of our brand new logo. Again, we would love to hear from you! Shoot us a message on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or any other social media and let us know if you like the new logo.Prestige Auto Tech Logo
  3. Management – While Prestige Auto Tech is and has always been a family business, we’ve always kept one commitment, which is to always to offer a luxury auto repair experience at a far better price than the dealer, our goal is to make our customers feel appreciated and valued, that is why we have added additional managerial positions to our team and have introduced new service advisors to ensure that even with the increase in volume of customers, your needs will still be met. Check out this Team/Family photo we recently took, oh the memories!
    Prestige Auto Tech Team
  4. A brand new location – In order to keep our commitment to offering a better experience the Prestige Auto Tech Family has expanded to a new location in North Miami Beach, our hope is to expand our reach further north and to offer a new facility for our current customers in that North Miami / Broward Area.
    Prestige Auto Tech North

There’s a lot of new and exciting things happening on our end, we are excited and looking forward to share all the upcoming changes with our customers and community. If you would like to be kept on the loop, don’t forget to follow us on our social media channel the links are at the end of this post.

As part of this new approach to connect with our customers and community and also as a celebration that “Covid is over” haha jk or are we?? who knows anything anymore. We are aiming at getting to know our clients, community and also fan base dare we say, we want to connect with you and others like you in person, get to know you and share time with you. It seems like we all need a break from social media and communication tools, and reaching out to our community of customer and followers seem like the natural approach for this. At the same time we are intentional about connecting with our local community. We have partnered with non-profit organizations and shelters in Miami-Dade County and we are looking to grow our participation in community events.

This time around we wanted to think a little outside the box and connect with our fellow coffee-drinkers (Which lets face it, is the majority of Miami.) One cannot deny the social side of drinking a cup of coffee, there is nothing like sharing a cup of coffee with your friends or community. The social function is clear when you reflect on the many coffee shops and options one has available in our community alone, additionally it has traditionally been associated with gatherings socially and professionally, so we are taking this opportunity to extend an invitation to you.

Have Coffee On Us

We decided to partner with House of Per’la coffee shop. In addition to offering amazing lattes, they offer a full range of delicious coffee drinks, made from single origin beans, handcrafted teas made with a variety of methods plus delicious pastries that go perfect with your drink. House of Per’la together with Prestige Auto Tech seem like the perfect match. We were not only drawn in by their delicious coffee, but also the ambiance and comfort their store brings to their customers. They’re located in the heart of the busy coral gables business area. We met with management and immediately connected over our love of coffee and our vision for the event. 

House Of Per'la coffee shop

So come on by to House of Per’la and get coffee on us! We are extending an invitation to all of our customers and followers in the Miami Area to stop by House of Per’la coffee shop. Prestige Auto Tech will be providing FREE lattes from 8am-11am (or until latte limit reached, some restrictions apply) on Friday, October 7th. We would love for you to come by, get some delicious latte and share some time with us.

Come on in! We’ll surely have something worthwhile for you to do at each of our tables. At our tables, we’ve got stacks of interesting, enjoyable, and relaxing puzzles for children and adults alike. It would be an honor to have you.

Here is just a little taste

have coffee on us

We’d love to see you there!”

House of Perla Location

2626 Ponce De Leon Blvd. Unit 3

(Entrance on Almeria Ave.)

Coral Gables, FL 33134

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