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Mercedes Benz Buying Guide

Mercedes Benz Buying Guide

There are many pros as to why you might choose a German-made vehicle over a Japanese one, or an American, or even a Korean. But there are even more advantages of choosing a Mercedes Benz, and that’s compared to its German rivals. We’ve compiled the top ones in this article, showcasing why they’re often considered the best car manufacturer in the world.


Right off the bat, there’s the matter of brand image and quality. Nothing wrong with owning a Hyundai for example, but if you say you own a Hyundai, you then have to follow it up with what model it is, why you chose it and so on. You’re basically explaining yourself. With a Mercedes, the company name alone speaks in volumes of its quality. Each of their models is the respective leader in their own segments when it comes to brand distinction and recognition. Mercedes’ rich history and heritage means their vehicles are the most recognizable ones on the road today. You don’t mistake that three-pointed star for anything else.


Pick a Mercedes from an era. Any era. Chances are it’s one of the most beautiful cars in its respective time period. We’re not talking aggressive, striking or even offensive. No, we’re talking about a handsome, elegant look which is as dignified as a car can get. It’s understated beauty mixed with an undefined aura and character unique to Mercedes Benz alone.

Luxury and Technology

mercedes benzYou want to talk about luxury and comfort? Mercedes Benz speaks that language better than anyone else. They practically pioneered the luxury limo segment with the first S-Class, a car which is the benchmark in its class to this very day. Most of the technologies found on an S-Class eventually find their way into mainstream economy cars some 10 to 20 years later. The first S-Classes had cruise control, electric windows, heated seats, navigation, etc. All very common by today’s standards, but back then, most vehicles offered simple wind-up windows. Take a look at the new S-Class. It’s a spaceship on wheels, fitted with the latest advanced safety systems and the top of the line infotainment gadgets. It’s the most innovative, original modern-day luxury car on sale, paving the way of the future for most normal cars in the next 20 years or so.


Mercedes’ engines are known to be reliable and powerful, from their potent gasoline range to the torque but frugal CDI diesel lineups. If however, you desire more power, there’s always AMG, Mercedes’ mad and bonkers division in charge of the most ludicrous creations to wear a Mercedes badge. We’re not talking just twin-turbocharged engines with 500+ horsepower either. They specialize in creating the ultimate uber-saloons as Germans like to call them. Luxurious, fast cruise ships designed to tear down the Autobahn at 150+ mph with no fuss whatsoever. Because drive is sent to the rear wheels, they can be tail happy at a moment’s notice should the driver want to have a bit of fun.


It’s one thing for a car to be cheap, it’s an entirely different for it to offer great value. Yes, Mercedes’ models are slightly pricier than some of their rivals, but when you consider what you’re getting in return, the bang for buck factor is off the charts.