Courtesy Car Wash

Courtesy Car Wash For Customers

Courtesy Car Wash – In this article, I want to talk about the extra services we provide to our customers that could benefit your shop. As an owner, we thrive to give our customers the best, and to be the best in doing so. 

We specialize in European vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, and so forth. A good 80% of our intake vehicles are brands we specialize in but we too, take in Asian and domestic vehicles.

One of the many extra services we automatically include for our customers is a courtesy car wash. Every vehicle that drives in receives a car wash whether it be for a minimal job such as changing a headlight bulb. This technique alone has brought good feedback. 

When you provide a free car wash to your customers, it gives a better impression of your shop. First of all, who likes or has the time to wash their own vehicle? very few. Therefore, allowing your shop to provide an extra hand to your customers as washing their vehicles is an added bonus. Another thing we have to keep in mind is that some jobs, unintentionally, can leave a messy area in the customer’s vehicle and be left as is. No customer likes to receive their vehicle worse than it was, I know I don’t. Therefore, we as professionals must think ahead and give beyond that. A happy customer is a returning customer and a returning customer reflects on the quality of our services. 

The way we manage this; our shop has a dedicated person that handles the car washes, maintains, and cleans the lobby and offices. Here and there, will offer smaller extra jobs. With these tasks.  

Having and maintaining a well organized and clean shop gives boldness and shows we mean business. If you were to walk into a restaurant with greasy floors, dirty tables, and moody waitresses, would you feel comfortable in staying? I doubt it. Appearance speaks louder than words, not all shops are meant to be dirty and unattractive. 

Courtesy Car Wash

To finalize, go the extra mile to provide extra services to your customers. make a budget to add a staff person to wash cars, or look around for a place that can make a simple car wash. The goal here is to leave the customer satisfied and go home with a cleaned vehicle.  

“You have to think big to be big.”