European Vehicle Service

European Vehicle Service

European Vehicle Service – We at Prestige Auto Tech specialize in European vehicles.

The majority of the brands that we work here are Mercedes-Benz and BMW. There are many European vehicles in Miami, FL. Currently, in the market, one of the European that is rising in sales is the Maserati Ghibli. We’ve noticed a high demand for maintenance service and minor repairs for Maserati Ghibli, it’s an economic vehicle from the brand Maserati and accessible to the middle class.

We’re focusing and making efforts to aim our shop into becoming a one-stop-shop. If a customer is seeking bodywork, we offer it. If a customer is seeking an interior repair, we offer it. The only exception is if we were requested to do any type of performance.

We are a certified Bosch Center which means it allows us to offer benefits. One of the benefits is offering a line of credit with six months free of interest.

Prestige Auto Tech has been affected by the COVID-19 but that doesn’t mean it stops us from providing and helping our community. Just recently we made a campaign statement “If you or someone you know works as a First Responder or Medical Staff, Prestige Auto Tech is offering free car wash as a gratitude gesture for risking your lives to care and help for others during this COVID-19 crisis”.

European Vehicle Service

We also offered and provided free towing services to pick up the customer’s vehicle from their house and bring it in for repairs and maintenance. Once the job was done, we would drop it off at the customer’s house free of charge.

We continue to work on new ways to help our community and provide European Vehicle Service. In such times as this, we want to make sure we’re doing everything within our reach to support our community.