Importance Of Oil Change

Importance Of Oil Change – The topic of today’s article is the importance of an oil change. A week ago we received a customer’s call about their vehicle not starting. This customer towed their vehicle to our shop for a diagnostic. During the diagnose process, our technician removed the valve cover and noticed the engine was filled with sludge

Importance of oil change

This often occurs when people are not consistent with changing their vehicle’s oil. One of the brands such as BMW recommends changing the vehicle’s oil every 10,000 miles or 12 months whichever occurs first. However, not many follow the regulations and end up waiting until they’ve reached their 12,000 miles or more. After you’ve reached certain miles, in this case, 12,000 miles, without changing the oil, the engine will create sludge until it starts to fail.  

Here at Prestige Auto Tech, we like to take it up a notch and recommend our customers to change their vehicle’s oil every 6,000 miles. That way, the engine is well maintained, clean, and prevents future internal failures which could end up costing a fortune in the long run.

Importance of oil change

Every brand such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and many other European brands have their own service manuals. At the end of the day, your vehicle will be safer with less risk of malfunctions if you change your oil earlier than expected. That is why we recommend our customers to schedule their oil change every 6,000 miles instead of 10,000 miles. 

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